Magic Storybook Productions       
                   Magic Storybook Productions has been engaging the imagination of 
                                              children and adults since 1997     

                                                       Magic Storybook Will Bring Your Imagination To Life!



                           Step into a page from favorite books in children's literature and live the adventure

                                                              *THEATER ENRICHMENT

                                       * Set the stage with scenery, props and costumes and let
                                                             the magic of the theater begin

                                                                *MUSIC ENRICHMENT

                                      Dance and stomp to the rhythms of Mr. Whole Note and family

                                        MAGIC STORYBOOK PRODUCTIONS

                                 -  Theater ProductionsFull scale theater play/musicals for schools at no cost to them
              - Teacher Workshops-How to bring books to life in the classroom
                            - Corporate Team Workshops- Interactive programs on team building and confidence  
                         -Sets and Prop Rentals - If we don't have it we'll try to get it for you
                                   - Summer Theater Camp 2015 - July 1- July 31
                      Past musical productions:

2014 Production 2013 Production                     2012 Production 

                    Member of the Ct. Library Consortium
Deposit and Program Payments

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